"" Dua of qunoot Unlocking the Secrets

Dua of qunoot Unlocking the Secrets

dua of qunoot translation of dua e qunoot In the Witr that is recited after Isha prayer, this Dua of Qunut is recited. In this article, I present the method of Dua of Qunut.

dua of qunoot
dua of qunoot

dua of qunoot translation of dua e qunoot 

Dua Qunoot: (1) (a) There are many meanings in the dictionary of Qunut, stopping from talking, supplicating in prayer, being humble in worship, obeying and obeying, etc., it also means to stand. , prolonging the stay etc. Al-Qunut has several meanings: obedience, humility, prayer, prayer, worship, stay, prolonged stay, silence, etc., but generally it is used in the meaning of prayer.

(b) In the term Qunut, it is said to pray in a specific state of standing within the prayer. Trouble will come) will be read only in And Qunut supplication in Witr is common, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has not restricted to specific situations, so it can always be recited in all situations.

(2) Dua Qunut... Which is recited in Nizadak Witr of Hanaf.

dua of qunoot
dua of qunoot

Translation Divine! We seek your help and ask for your forgiveness and believe in you and trust you and praise you very well and thank you and do not thank you and separate and leave this person. Whoever disobeys you. O Allah! We worship you alone, and we pray for you alone, we bow down to you alone. We run towards you and attend.  Verily, your punishment will only reach the unbelievers.

(3)(a) According to the Hanafis, Qunut will be recited only in Witr. In certain circumstances, it can be recited in other prayers as well, in which case the imam will recite the Qunut loudly and the Muqtadi will say Amen. I can't read anything unique.

(b) According to Malikiyyah, Qunut is only at Fajr. There is no Qunut in Witr etc. (c) According to Shufa'a, Qunut in witr is only in Ramadan, apart from Ramadan, Qunut will be recited only at Fajr. Apart from Fajr, the rest of the prayers will be recited in specific situations (d) According to Hanbaliyya, Qunut will be recited only in Witr, in special circumstances it can be recited in prayers apart from Witr. I cannot read it on Friday.

(4) (a) The method of reciting Qunut-i-Nazla is that after bowing in the second rakat of the Fajr prayer, the imam should stand without raising his hands after saying ``Sami'Allah limn-hamida'' and recite the Qunut in a standing position and the Muqtadi should recite his dua. Keep saying Amen in a low voice, then finish the prayer and go into prostration saying Allahu Akbar. This is the Qunoot prayer.

Witr prayer dua of qunoot

 Witr prayer is obligatory If for some reason the Witr prayer is not performed within the time, it is obligatory to perform the Witr prayer. Witr prayer three rakats with one salam, sit in the far rakat and stand for your rakat only after reciting al-Tahiyat and in the third rakat also recite al-Hamd and Surah, then raise both hands to the ears and say Allahu Akbar, then clasp your hands and pray. Read Qunut When you recite the Qunut prayer, say Allahu Akbar and bow down and complete the rest of the prayer. This is the Qunoot dua. Dua Qunoot

dua of qunoot
dua of qunoot 

Problem: Those who are unable to read Qunut should recite: O Allah, our Lord, give us goodness in this world.

It is wajib to read the issue of Dua Qunut with Witr. If one forgets to recite the Dua of Qunut, then it is necessary to perform Sajdah and if one misses the intention, one should repeat the Witr....more dua parents

Dua Qunut should be recited by every person whether he is an imam or muqtadi or alone, whether it is Ramadan or other days.

Do not recite the Qunut supplication in any other prayer except the Witr prayer. Yes, however, if a major accident happens to Muslims, they can recite the Qunut supplication in the second rakat of Fajr before Ruku. This is called Qunut Nazla.

What is Witr called? ???

Actually, it is the same. The only one we Hanafis combine with two and make three. And the Hanbalis read only one.

You know, in Witr, we make a promise to Allah every day.

And that promise also happens in the last rakat of worship.

Dua Qunut is a covenant with Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala. There is an agreement. There is a promise.

The translation is coming, don't read it. Babaji said in his own special way.

And my heart started beating.

O Allah, we will not help you. O Allah! We ask only you for help.

And we will forgive you. And ask for your forgiveness.

And believe me. And they believe in you.

And we rely on you. And they rely on you.

I wish you all the best. And praise you well.

And thank you. And we thank you.

And no disdain. And we do not deny you.

And get rid of it. And we separate.

And let us leave the dawn. 

O Allah, do not we worship. O Allah! We worship only you.

Walak Nusli. And pray for you.

And prostration. And we bow down to you.

And this is a woman. And we come running towards you.

And Nahfid. And we are at your service.

And pray for your mercy. And we hope for your mercy.

And the punishment. And we fear your punishment.

These are the punishments of the disbelievers. Indeed, your punishment is about to reach the disbelievers.

Sometimes some things are known very late. Or maybe they know. But there is a time or a moment to know their secret from their origin.

All knowledge is not in books. It touches some hearts.

The heart is also filled with the light of Allah and the love of His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Simply. Free from hypocrisy. Those who do not ask for an argument as soon as they hear the command of Allah.

Just say Amina and Sadaqna.

Oh, this is really what we promise to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala every day before going to sleep. And how ignorant they are, they forget everything in the morning.

Do we really know that with prayer? Dua Qunut is a promise to Allah Subhanahu Taala. Is it an agreement?

And do we fulfill it?

Or think about accomplishing

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