"" dua for parents parent dua in English

dua for parents parent dua in English


dua for parents parent dua parents dua Always pray for your parents, inshallah it will make your life easier. Keep praying for your parents. Raised us and nurtured us, taught us our training.

dua for parents parent dua : This is how parents train their children.

This is how parents train their children. Many friends are worried and asking this question that despite the perfect training of children, when they grow up or enter their teenage years, they all leave the training principles. Do etc Friends! These are our "children", not robots.

We have to explain to them good and bad as long as we have control, we have to guide them to good and that's it.

dua for parents
dua for parents

When they grow up, they will want to distinguish between good and bad by themselves and judge good and bad in their own way. Often they will turn to evil, they will be influenced, but now there will be good and evil in front of them and they will decide for themselves which one to adopt.

Friends! What is right is right. What is true is as clear as day. Trust in Allah. The color of training is ripe. The hard work of parents is not in vain.

The problem is where there is no training.parent dua

If evil is seen, good will not be trained in comparison to it. The children follow what they see, the other way is not told. Friends! Just because we are working hard on good training does not mean that our children are platonic. They are very organized, sensible, discerning, virtuous and polite.

No, they are "kids".

But remember "we are not children".

They can do stupid things, we have to show prudence. They can go astray, we have to stay on the right path.

Keep explaining them off and on, keep interrupting.

One of the parents must keep his fear. It is better if the father keeps fear. It has more influence, but nowadays there is a practice of friendly fathers and strict mothers. Children fear not father but mother.

The second is to patiently give them time to make their own decisions about good and bad, right and wrong.

Until then, pray for them.

Think what Plato we were at his age. Or were perfect. We were also trained. Then the effect was not as visible as it is now.

This is because when we matured, we remembered all that we were taught and trained. Today we are exactly the same as when we were trained. So friends! Training is important. Pay attention to training. Remember, giving speeches without training is not going to do anything. The habit which is ingrained in the bones can be forgotten for some time but not permanent.

Instead of worrying, tackle the kids. And spend this time period comfortably.

May Allah support all our parents. Amen

Always think well of parents 

How do parents take care of their children? All kinds of training, but we don't take care of our parents. Don't care, take good care of it when it's sick.

Do not stop praying for your parents

Farman Mustafa: Man when

For parents If he abandons prayer, his sustenance is cut off.

O my creator, make it easy in all matters of our lives. Guide us at every step and have mercy on our parents as they did on us as children and always grant me the opportunity to be your grateful servant.

O Allah Almighty, wisdom, expediency and wisdom are hidden in your decisions, then you are the owner of the universe, capable of everything. Bestow us with peace, good things in this world and the hereafter, O Allah, look upon the travelers of this world, and bestow your mercy, blessings, favors and favors so that we may reach our destination safely. May the auspicious hours of Jumma Mubarak be a source of mercy, blessing and prosperity for us.

O Allah, O Most Merciful, grant us all the grace to always do good deeds. We Muslims, whose parents have left this mortal world, forgive them and those whose parents are alive, keep their shadow over their heads, grant them a healthy life with faith, O Allah, the Most Merciful to us all. Keeping the faith safe and obeying the end with faith

dua for parents
dua for parents

A person forgets that the person who raised him and recognized him to this point is his parents. In this world, only one parent's relationship is such that he only needs to forgive. If asked, the parents at that time forget all the mistakes of the child and hug him. The greatest blessing in the world is a mother. She is a person who suffers for her children, but does not harm the children, who thinks best for us in every situation, speaks for our benefit.

I pray that those whose parents are alive may God bless them forever and keep them safe from every sorrow, trouble, calamity and trial. Allah's pleasure is involved. And those who are deprived of the blessings of their parents should keep reciting this dua, Lord Arhamma Kama Rabini Saghira O my Lord has mercy on my parents as they took pity on me as a child.

When the burden on my shoulders increases, I miss my dad very much. My father's house has thick trees.

We should pray to our parents with an open heart.

One is that our children should find appreciative people who can value their love, their ability, their personality, their hard work, their character and appearance and can pay for their due. Especially for daughters repeatedly because the unworthy make diamonds roll in the dust.

Instead of worrying about the future and thinking about the memories of the past, why not spend the available time praying for your children?

Fathers of sons should also pray that their sons will become the best heads of families in the families they establish, who will be the best in love and good behavior for their families in morals and affairs.

Then, to another excellent prayer, mom pointed out this morning that when we were little, mom used to pray a lot that wherever my children go, there will be people who will love them, take care of them, value them, support them. Those who do it should be the ones who make it easy for them and really come from country to country, from one city to another city and thirdly, maybe with the blessing of this prayer, people like diamonds will be found, otherwise what is a human being capable of. No one knows or knows, but the prayers made from thousands of miles away made millions in front of some people in a strange land who opened their homes and hearts with love.

In the time of our parents, they thought that dua was a protection shield under which the children would be safe wherever they go in the world, and in our time, we take medicines and safety steps instead of prayers, forgetting that dua protects our children at every opportunity. But we can save even where we are not.

Another prayer that I like very much is that our children get good company. I feel that as much effort as we parents do for training, a little companionship brings out double and triple effects from it. I have seen that children follow the religion of their friends, so why don't we pray that our children get such a companion who will take them by the hand on the straight path and who will enlighten their lives with the light of the Qur'an. Have a good conversation. Amen

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