"" benefits of mango sexually Mango Can Enhance Sexual Desire

benefits of mango sexually Mango Can Enhance Sexual Desire

benefits of mango sexually Summer has started now and the mango fruit is here.

The benefits of mangoes are numerous but today I will try to present some of the benefits of mangoes.

benefits of mango sexually
benefits of mango sexually

benefits of mango sexually Everyone loves mangoes, don't they?

Mango is also known as a stone fruit as it has a seed in the center of them.

Eating mango improves immunity, it is rich in vitamin C, and increases blood level.

Let me tell you the benefits of mangoes.

1. The vitamin A in mangoes helps improve eyesight.

Mangoes also help prevent night blindness and dry eyes.

2. Mangoes also help reduce diabetes.


It is not mangoes, but the mango leaves that are helpful.

Take 5-6 mango leaves in a vessel and boil it with water.

Drinking the filtered decoction daily helps reduce diabetes and keeps you fit.

Remember to drink this decoction every day in the morning.

3. Gorging on mangoes will definitely help if you improve your memory.

Not eating mangoes, you will not have a good memory or concentration.

Eating mangoes improves memory and concentrate. Mangoes are helpful.

4. Mangoes also prevent cancer.

It also slows down the growth of malignant tumours.

In 2015, research said that dietary mango decreased tumor size and suppressed cancer growth in mice.

However, more research is needed to check its effect in humans.

5. Mangoes help in getting a good sleep.

Our bodies have serotonin, which helps with sleep and mood.

Eating mangoes helps in getting good sleep and in regulating your mood.

Now that you know the benefits of mangoes, go ahead and start eating and enjoying mangoes.

today we're talking about mangoes now who doesn't like mangoes guys anybody i think everybody does except the view of those that i see sometimes the carnivores are or the keto people here uh you know these people they just hate everything except the you know the cattle but in any way jokes aside let's talk about mango and if you have diabetes can you eat mangoes maybe let's talk about it all right guys so again i am not a very restrictive guy i'm very liberal when it comes to living your life uh in a balanced fashion that's all wellness is about that's all life is about right the balance the moderation extremism is not good in any way so guys mango is a grapefruit uh the politics aside uh the mangoes are grapefruits because they have so many good things about them now you can be like wait a minute this has a lot of sugar uh yeah i know uh it does but here is the trick guys that nobody tells you those sugars the fructose primarily in fruits

Mango is the king of fruits

they are so freaking loaded with the antioxidants with the vitamins with the minerals you name it everything you want in your diet they negate the effects of those sugars that brings you the oxidative stress or free radical damage so again like i'm not talking about here eating candies okay so when you eat candy there is nothing good about that when you eat the chocolate bar there is nothing good about that unless you're eating 70 dark chocolate but you know uh if you're eating reese's if you're eating whatever i don't even know their name anymore it's like they're so horrible but if you are eating those uh candy bars you're not getting any antioxidants from them you're getting bunch of c or ap okay so guys don't do that but the fruits with the antioxidants that negates the alte all the radical damage that comes from the sugar it is

benefits of mango sexually
benefits of mango sexually

benefits of mango sexually & health benefits 

so plenty with vitamins and minerals and antioxidants that the research shows that if you don't have diabetes it can even prevent you to become diabetic in the future so what are these vitamins so vitamin a b c well cannot be easier than that so a lot of vitamin a vitamin b vitamin c there's a lot of vitamin e and vitamin k as well again these are vitamin e is a super antioxidant you need the b vitamins like we talked about the the thyamine the the benfattamine that's a super popular video if you had not if you've not watched it watch this right here or you can click it later but guys it's super deeper fruit now of course you have to have some limit right so that's why we talk about the moderation now what is what is a good limit and how can you make mangoes not spike your blood sugar here's a couple tricks now the one mango is around um 25 30 grams of carbs and the glycemic index is not too bad actually the glycemic index of mangoes is around 51. Less than 55 is okay right, so yeah you're good at the glycemic load of one mango, one mango like a normal size mango is 10. So not too bad either. You know we call things too bad if the glycemic load is more than 20. now remember glycemic index and glycemic load is different glycemic index is half as your blood sugar spikes with that particular food glycemic load on the other hand is how much of that food you're eating so a low glycemic index food cannot can turn out to be bad for you if you eat too much of it that's basically what it is but if you are measuring with the cup for example one cup of mangoes i would say 25 grams that's um that's not a little carbs this but that's not a huge amount of carbs either now another trick to prevent the blood sugar spike that comes with mangoes is to combine it with some healthy fats especially omega-3 fatty acids will be very helpful now what the fat does is fat slows the absorption of the sugars right so to be honest with you mango go well with anything i mean i i eat fish all the time with mango sauce on it or mango chopped mangoes and you can slice the mango and put on the side on any type of meal with good fat in it so you don't have to necessarily have a full plate of fruits to spike your blood sugar but just have a half of a mango take eat it with your dinner and that will take away your cravings it's going to serve its purpose like a dessert and what can you ask for right sometimes you can combine it with nuts again nuts will especially walnuts will slow the absorption of those glucose and it's going to add even more antioxidants and omega-3 fats now if you really want to get done and dirty you can actually get the leaves of the mango and boil them and drink the water that comes with it there's actually an interesting substance with that comes with mango leaf and that basically works like a alpha glucosidase inhibitor which there is actually even a drug for this for diabetes but you have to take that drug you can just basically drink the mango leaf tea and that can also help reduce your low lower blood sugar so if you are like a really big into mango and um you don't want this mangoes to supply your blood sugar you may want to drink that tea right after you eat that mango too

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