"" pus cells in urine: Urinary Problems and Treatment

pus cells in urine: Urinary Problems and Treatment


pus cells in urine
pus cells in urine

pus cells in urine: Urinary Problems and Treatment 

Learn more about the presence of pus cells in urine, common urinary problems, and available treatments. We provide comprehensive information on the underlying causes, symptoms and diagnosis of urinary tract infections. Find out how to manage and prevent further damage to your bladder.

pus cells in urine: Urine infection is caused by an infection in the kidneys, bladder, urethra and any part of the urinary system. The risk of urinary tract infections is higher in men than in women.

An infection confined to the bladder is painful but not dangerous. However, if this infection reaches the kidneys, serious consequences can be faced. Doctors usually treat UTIs with antibiotics, but if you can control the risk before it develops through better lifestyle practices (Vitality) that you can do, it can save you a lot of trouble going forward. Can you save you from problems?

Symptoms: pus cells in urine 

Symptoms and signs of urinary tract infection are sometimes not apparent. Possible symptoms of this infection are as follows: 1. Feeling to urinate frequently and stop urinating in small amounts.

2. Urinary burning, odor, and pain.

3. Red, dark pink or dark yellow urine, bleeding in urine.

Apart from this, kidney inflammation, high fever, nausea, vomiting and cold are also among its symptoms. depression treatment 

Pus cells in urine: Reasons 

Urine infection is usually caused by bacteria. The bacteria enters the body through the urinary tract and spreads to the bladder. These bacteria enter the body and spread rapidly and after that these bacteria are fully prepared to spread the infection in the urinary tract. Although the urinary system is designed to fend off very small invading germs, this defense system sometimes fails and the germs succeed in multiplying.

Treatment with home remedies 

pus cells in urine
pus cells in urine

1. Eating radish cures all urinary diseases and radish is also effective in removing heat from the liver and bladder.

2. People who have urinary retention due to kidney disease or stones can use grapes as a medicine because grapes are diuretic and remove sand stones from the kidneys.

3. If there is irritation in the urine, then cut a small onion and boil it in half full of water. When there is a full amount left, strain it and cool it, the irritation will go away.

4. If the urine stops coming or the color is deep yellow or red, it will be corrected by using melon or game.

5. People who eat sardah do not suffer from urinary problems.

6. Pear is a food that relieves urinary irritation.

7. Gall, when the urethra is scratched and sore, pus starts to ooze in the urine or * if it becomes gonorrhea in the beginning*

On the first day, one garhal flower, broken or coated with a small batashe and eaten in the morning with a glass of curd lassi or sugarcane juice, on the second day two flowers and two batashes in the same way for five days after completing five flowers, sixth. If you reduce one flower and bitasha every day, you will get relief in ten days.

8. Weigh 50 grams of Gokhru, Singhara and Misri and mix them to make a fine powder and eat it with a spoonful of water in the morning and evening.

9. Eat dates, urinary irritation goes away.

10. Mix two spoons of egg white, 1 spoon of olive oil and mix it and drink it in a cup of lukewarm milk in the morning.

11. If blood starts coming in the urine, make three pastes of three masha, alum berry finely ground and take one paste in the morning and one in the evening with milk, the bleeding will stop. pus cells in urine.

12. Try to drink plenty of water every hour.

By using these natural ingredients, you can get a lot of benefits and get rid of painful infections so that your life ahead will be happy and peaceful.

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