"" success in exam dua

success in exam dua

success in exam dua
success in exam dua

 success in exam dua
Prayer for success in exam

Success in exam dua: If you want to pass the exam, want to be successful, want to succeed, complete this article, insha Allah, you will surely benefit from it,

 People also work hard and try, but they do not pass the exam, they do not pass the exam, so I also ask for the reason, and to succeed in this, I pray that how you will succeed, what you have to do and what prayer is to read. Prayer is also a great prayer that will definitely make you successful in the exam.

Secret of success in exam

The way you work hard and try in the exam, you keep trying hard and work hard with a prayer, you also keep reading it. I have a friend. I had prayed for this prayer, so he says that I had succeeded in the exam.

Why pray in the exam?

 Many people think that when we have done hard work, then what is the need for supplication to Allah? When we have worked hard day and night, mastered the subject, grasped every aspect of it, then what is prayer to do? On the other hand, a group says that we will succeed through prayers. And when it has to happen, then what is the need for hard work? These are actually two extremes. The truth lies in between them. In the principle on which Allah has created this world, some work is the responsibility of man and some work is taken by Allah. If a farmer prays for a harvest without sowing, he is a fool because he has not done his part. The manifestation of Allah's help which was conditioned by his hard work will not be seen. On the other hand, when a farmer sows seed, he still needs prayer because he has done his part, but there are numerous negative factors beyond his control. For example, if there is no rain, there will be no harvest. If there is an epidemic, the crop will be destroyed. If there is a flood, everything will be washed away.

Similarly, those students who rely on prayer without working hard are at fault. They have neglected to do their part and have not fulfilled the condition that was necessary for prayer. So their dua is like trying to drive a car without adding fuel or a farmer expecting a harvest without sowing.

On the other hand, students who have worked hard have just met a prerequisite for success. Apart from this hard work, numerous uncontrollable factors can affect their hard work. For example, a student has prepared very well, practiced everything, but still many factors can overwhelm his hard work and push him towards failure.

At the time of the actual examination, his health may deteriorate, he may lose his mind, expect against the paper, mistake in marking, accident may occur etc. Therefore, it is prayed to Allah that O my Lord, I have done what was in my power. Now it is your job to protect me from the influence of uncontrollable factors and bring the result in my favor. That is why, when success is achieved, a believer gives all the credit to Allah and is grateful to Him, because He is the one who gives the fruit of our hard work, not our hard work.

Relying on prayer without doing your part is foolishness, and avoiding prayer by relying on your own hard work is arrogance.

success in exam dua
success in exam dua

Success in exam dua for success in every type of exam.

Best duaNow I tell you that dua that before going for the exam, you will read the dua first and lastly read Durood Pak three times and for success in every type of exam.

If one is a student of a school, college or university, that exam For success, read Surah Ikhlas 16 times in ablution after every prayer and then pray to Allah for success. God willing, there will be success in the exam. This process can also be recited for an interview for a job or to going to a foreign country. After reading this dua, you will definitely pass the exam. Read this dua with full faith. Insha'Allah, you will definitely succeed.

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