"" heart attack signs: Symptoms of heart attack

heart attack signs: Symptoms of heart attack


heart attack signs: Symptoms of heart attack
heart attack signs: Symptoms of heart attack 

Symptoms of heart attack 

Symptoms of heart attack Many people face a sudden heart attack. If medical aid is not received during a heart attack or immediately after, the risk of death increases. Heart attack is a sudden medical illness which is why no medical symptoms appear immediately before it. However, some medical problems are considered symptoms of heart attack which are usually ignored. In most people, these symptoms are not severe, so they are not given attention. Ignoring these symptoms can badly affect a heart attack.

If the symptoms of the Hart Atak are the cases of the following symptoms, you should get medical assistance immediately because it can be symptoms of Hart Atac.

Unusual fatigue


 unusual fatigue is considered to be the most silent and common symptoms of Hart Atak. People who face hurt attorneys usually feel fatigue. 


Hardness of breathing

Hardness of breathing if you have to face breathing problems or work or breathing time or climbing stairs, it can be a sign of Hartak. Before the Hart Attack, blood flow was affected, which also affects the breathing system.

Chest pain

Chest pain. People with heart attack often have chest pain. While some patients feel more pressure on the chest than usual. Apart from this, chest tightness can also be a sign of a heart attack.

Pain in different parts of the body

Pain in different parts of the body. Some people experience pain in different parts of the body before a heart attack. Heart attack patients say they feel before a heart attack that chest pain is moving to other parts of the body, such as the shoulders, jaws, neck, and abdomen.

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting heart attack patients can also suffer nausea and they can also face vomiting every day.


anxiety is also counted as the most common symptoms of heart attack. Anxiety can affect more intensely due to a heart attack.



cough Heart attack patients face difficulty in breathing, so they are often suffering from coughs.

Ways to prevent heart attack

Harrtains can be avoided with the help of the following methods. 

Consume a balanced diet

the use of a balanced diet provides help from savings in harvesting, which is full of fiber and in which fat is found in low quantity. Such a diet can be used as fresh fruits, punishment and mushrooms that can improve heart health. In addition, you will have to reduce the use of salt, because salt use may increase blood pressure. To avoid the Hart Atak, the sugar-nutrients need to be reduced, because their use is to increase diabetes threats that can cause the cause of heart.

Increased physical activity

Increase physical activity with a balanced diet if increased physical activity helps maintain a healthy weight. In addition, blood pressure remains normal due to maintaining a healthy weight. Increased exercise and physical activities improve blood flow and also lower cholesterol level.

Smoking cessation

Smoking cessation If you are addicted to smoking, this habit of yours may cause you to suffer from other heart diseases, including heart attack. Smoking can cause blood vessel diseases that can increase the risk of heart attack.

Reduce high blood pressure


Reduce high blood pressure Controlling high blood pressure can also reduce the risk of heart attack. Regular exercise with the use of balanced foods can also reduce blood pressure, which will help reduce the risk of heart attack.

To get information about the symptoms of heart attack and to know the useful ways to prevent it, a cardiologist can be contacted. The health wire platform can be used to easily contact any cardiologist, because health wire has made the contacts very easy.

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