"" mirgi ka dora in english epilepsy treatment

mirgi ka dora in english epilepsy treatment


mirgi ka dora in english epilepsy awareness month Epilepsy is a common neurological disease. Seizures are triggered by electrical disturbances in the brain that affect the entire body. Know the symptoms of epilepsy and how it can be treated. Falling is one cause of epilepsy. Don't treat epilepsy patients as incurable because epilepsy is now completely curable. This article has a cure for anyone suffering from epilepsy for a long time. It can be completely cured through prayers and alms.

mirgi ka dora in english
mirgi ka dora in english

What is epilepsy?
mirgi ka dora in english

Epilepsy is called epilepsy in Arabic; it means fainting and falling into a knot. This disease is sometimes due to the corruption of the mixture, and sometimes it is caused by the influence of jinn or an evil relative, as it is said in the Qur'an: Made strong
Allama Ibn Hajar Asqalani says in Quds Noorani Fateh al-Bari that epilepsy is a disease that partially stops the organs of the body, i.e., the heart, liver, brain, lungs, kidneys, etc., from performing their functions. Can't stay, falls down, and starts foaming at the mouth.
When His Highness Hazrat Imam Ahlus Sunnat Maulana Shah Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (A.S.) was asked about epilepsy, he said that it was a very evil call and that it was called Umm Al-Subayan. If it happens within 25 years, it is hoped that it will continue, and if it happens after 25 years or to a 25-year-old person, then it will not go now. It is actually the devil who persecutes men.mirgi ka dora in english

Causes of epilepsy

There are two causes of this disease: (1) Stagnation of contaminated air in the passages of the brain or old vapors reaching the brain from the organs (2) The mischief of evil spirits.So they are imposed on men.

 Cure with prayers mirgi ka dora in english

Allama Ibn Hajar Asqalani says in Quds Sir Noorani Fath al-Bari that the virtue of the epileptic is described in this hadith, and it is also stated that patience over worldly troubles makes one an inheritor of paradise.  It is better to adopt hardship than leave, provided that he knows that he will be able to be patient if the severity of the affliction is prolonged and that he will not be weakened by its management. It is also permissible to seek treatment only through prayer and not to use medicine, and to seek treatment through supplication in the presence of Allah Almighty is more beneficial than the treatment of medicines, etc. because the effectiveness of prayers is better and higher than the effectiveness of medicines.

Treatment of epilepsy

 According to the opinion of the first type of epilepsy, it can be treated with medicines, so it should be referred to an experienced doctor, while the second type of epilepsy, which is caused by the effects of jinn, is treated with good medicine. Pure spirits should be brought against them so that the effects of the evil spirits disappear and their actions become invalid.

Reciting Surah Shams and blowing into the ear of an epileptic is very useful.

mirgi ka dora in english
mirgi ka dora in english

 Treatment of epilepsy by Azan

In the ear of a child and of the afflicted, and in the ear of an epileptic, and of a bored and ill-tempered man or animal, and in the heat of battle, and in the midst of a fire, and in the time of a buried dead body, and in the time of their disobedience, and in the wake of a traveler, and in the forest, when he has lost his way.Go, and there is no one to tell; at that time, the call to prayer is recommended.It is also recommended in times of epidemics.

A recipe to protect children from the disease of puberty

After the birth of a child, the delay in the Azan often leads to epilepsy, and if the first thing to be done after the birth of the child is to take a bath and recite the Azan and the Qamat in the child's ear, then insha'Allah.There will be security throughout life.

Treatment of epilepsy mirgi ka dora in english

Epilepsy and its treatment Epilepsy is a serious disease that can cause a person to run away at any time. The effective treatment for this disease is to take leaves of different trees and breathe Surah Nas eleven times on each leaf with Bismillah. Before performing all these actions, two rakats of Nafl Salat Al-Hajjat must be read. Before performing the action, it is mandatory to give charity as much as possible. This action must be continued for seven days. God willing, epilepsy will be cured.