"" women's care fl | Prioritizing Care and Confidence

women's care fl | Prioritizing Care and Confidence

women's care fl Right access to women's health care and support for special children through video games are among the new software that is causing significant change in Pakistan, but these young people also face many problems and criticism. Is.

women's care fl Women's Care: Empowering Health and Well-being for Women of All Ages

Sexual problems of women and their treatment Female sexual dysfunction can prevent a woman from experiencing satisfaction during sex. It can affect your ability to get aroused, have an orgasm, or enjoy sex without pain. 

Dr. Jane Gunter is a gynecologist who has been practicing in the United States and Canada for the past 25 years.  She has been working on women's health for a long time and is also known as the Gynecologist of Twitter.

women's care fl
women's care fl

 Recently, he strongly condemned claims that placing gemstone eggs in the vagina 'helps in hormonal balance, regulation of the menstrual cycle and bladder control.  Gunter proved that the practice of keeping eggs is neither part of an ancient Chinese tradition, nor can the efficacy of the practice be proven scientifically.

Gunter's recent book 'The Vagina Bible' has become very popular in many countries. This book is full of practical advice written to empower women and help them take care of their health.

image courtesy of EMMA RUSSELL Below are five facts that Dr. Gunter says every vagina owner should know.

It is important to know the difference between the vagina and the vagina.

Inside the female body, the vagina is a muscular tube that connects to the uterus. On the other hand, the part that you can feel or the part that touches your clothes is called the fridge. In simple words, the vagina is the external part of the vagina that is visible on the body, i.e. the pubic area.

Gunter says it's important to know the correct terminology so you don't end up using jargon specific to a particular organ.

Giving an example, she says that the medical term used for the exterior of a fridge is 'podenda', which actually comes from the Latin word 'podete', which means 'shameful' in Latin.

Gunter believes that using such terms can not only hurt women emotionally, but also affect their health. Because by using such terms, neither the patient can tell the doctor well about his illness nor can he be properly treitself
The vagina cleans itself

 According to Gunter's observation, there has been a marked change in women's attitudes over the past ten years, and many women now believe that using products to improve vaginal odor is necessary.

women's care fl
women's care fl

women's care fl She said that 57 percent of women in North America cleaned their vagina last year, and many of those women said they did so at the request of their sexual partner. There is no need to clean the vagina from the inside, says Gunter.

 She says it's "a self-cleaning oven." She specifically discourages the use of scented cleaning sprays. Such sprays are as harmful to your vagina as cigarettes.

 According to him, the use of plain water alone can disrupt this delicate system, which can increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections. The use of steam for this task is not only unnecessary but also carries the risk of skin burns. The location of the fridge outside the vagina can be cleaned with water as needed.

 Using soap can remove the thin acidic film on the refrigerator, which protects the skin from the harmful effects of water.

 Coconut or olive oil can be used to treat vaginal dryness as women age and stop menstruating due to hormonal changes. Vaginal cells are replaced every 96 hours and this process is relatively faster than the rest of the skin. So it heals very quickly.

Your vagina is like a garden. The vagina is home to an army of 'good' bacteria that help keep it hevagina

"The vagina is a garden of different types of bacteria that work together to help keep the vaginal system healthy," says Gunter.

Good bacteria secrete a substance that creates an acidic environment, an environment that inhibits harmful bacteria, as well as a special saliva that maintains essential lubrication. This is why it is not good to clean the vagina from the inside with a sterile wipe because maintaining the balance of bacteria is most important.

Similarly, Gunter advises that drying the fridge area with a hair dryer is also not a good idea because the outer skin of the fridge needs to be moist as well.

women's care fl Vaginal hair is there for a reason. According to Gunter's observation, there is a growing trend among women to remove all hair around the vagina. This can dislodge the lice in these hairs, but doing so can lead to hair loss at that point.

'When you try to remove hair by waxing or shaving or any other method, you are hurting your skin. Due to the cleaning of these pubic hairs, we see cuts, scrapes and infections in this area.

She advises making sure hair cleaners don't reuse a wand that's already been used to apply wax to the skin, as this can transfer bacteria to others.

If you are shaving, use a clean razor and prepare the skin properly beforehand. They recommend using a razor to shave in the direction of hair growth and use the razor only where the hair grows to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.

Above all, Gunter wants people to make informed choices. He says that the function of the hair around the vagina is to protect the sensitive skin.

She says that 'these hairs can also have a role related to the sexual system because the root of each hair is connected to some nerve ending, so there is pain during hair cleaning.

Aging affects the vagina

 After years of menstruating and having children, the ovaries stop producing eggs and this leads to cessation of menstruation.

 Fertility hormones in women drop to dramatic levels, and low levels of the hormone estrogen can affect the vagina and uterus. These tissues, which were previously moist due to mucus, become dry. And this dryness causes pain during sex.

 It might seem annoying, but Gunter says women can consult a doctor about it. And this problem can be overcome with the help of lubricants available in the market. He says that 'I think it is very important that women have information in this regard so that they do not have to worry.'

 A common misconception in this regard is that having sex cures everything, but damage to the vaginal tissues during sex can lead to infection.

 Dr Jane Gunter gave these tips while speaking on BBC World Service's Health Check programme.

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