"" quotation about winter | Protection from winter

quotation about winter | Protection from winter


quotation about winter | Protection from winter
quotation about winter | Protection from winter 

quotation about winter Protection from winter

quotation about winter In order to avoid things, you can avoid many diseases when you avoid these things. When I avoid these things, انشآءاللہ تعالیٰ will be protected from many diseases. 

how can you protect yourself from cold in winter? Learn

Protection from winter.How can you protect yourself from the cold in winter? Learn As you all know, the winter is coming slowly and in such a season we should also take care of ourselves because a little carelessness can do a lot of damage. It is hot during the day, but as soon as the sun sets, the light cool breeze starts to blow. As soon as the cold starts, it has a clear effect on human beings, animals, plants. Today we will tell you how to keep your health safe in such a season.

  Protection from winter Eat and drink


  Eat and drink. It is very important to take care of eating and drinking in the cold season because there are many types of diseases in the body in this season. * Use a diet in a season that has vitamins and minerals as these prove to be effective for fighting diseases in winter. 


quotation about winter Water and drinks

Water and drinks In winter, the use of water and cold drinks is usually reduced, but here we can tell you that this season, herbal tea is good for your health..


Exercise: Protection from winter


exercise If you want to fit, there can be no better weather than winter. In the meantime, control your weight and exercise daily.weight loss 

Protect lips In the winter

quotation about winter Protection from winter. Protect lips In the winter, the lips often burst and their color becomes dull, so in such a case, if the cotton cloth is soaked and the lips are massaged, their delicateness will remain. 

Hands fingers quotation about winter

Hands fingers Putting hands in cold water repeatedly break the skin of the fingers and the fingers are swollen. To avoid this problem, if a good company's balm is applied to the fingers for a few days, the pain of the fingers is far away.

Rid of dry body quotation about winter

Some people's body becomes dry in the cold, so experts say that natural moisture is present in the skin if it is massaged with butter obtained from goat's milk after bath.quotation about winter

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quotation about winter