"" rizq ka wazifa rizq ke 16 darwaze

rizq ka wazifa rizq ke 16 darwaze

rizq ka wazifa rizq ke 16 darwaze
rizq ka wazifa rizq ke 16 darwaze

 rizq ka wazifa rizq ke 16 darwaze

👈 * Allah Almighty has fixed 16 entryways of food *

 Allah Almighty has fixed 16 entryways of food and furthermore made its keys. Whoever causes these keys won't ever be problems.

rizq ka wazifa rizq ke 16 darwaze

 * The primary entryway is supplication: *

 The people who don't offer petitions to heaven are honored with food. They stress over having cash.

 * The subsequent entryway is requesting pardoning: *

 The individual who looks for pardoning however much he apologizes, his food increments and Allah gives food from a spot from which he never at any point thought.

 * The third entryway is noble cause: *

 He (Allah) said: "Anything that you spend in the method of Allah, Allah will compensate you for it. Allah will increment it ten times however much man spends on others."

 * The fourth entryway is to be devout. For the individuals who avoid sins, Allah opens the entryway of arrangement from paradise for them.

rizq ka wazifa rizq ke 16 darwaze: One of the 16 doors of sustenance, kindness to parents 

 * The fifth entryway is the wealth of supererogatory love: *

 Allah shuts the entryway of difficulty on the individuals who perform supererogatory love however much as could be expected. Allah says in the event that you don't do much in love then I will confound you in common undertakings.

 * Doing the 6th entryway Hajj and Umrah in overflow: *

 Hajj and Umrah eliminate sins and difficulties similarly that a heater of fire eliminates gold and silver.

 * Seventh entryway Treating family members generous: *

 Likewise stay in contact with family members who are not connected with you.

 * The eighth entryway is to accommodate with the frail: *

 Allah loves to share the sorrow of poor people, to work in troublesome times.

 * The 10th entryway is trust in Allah: *

 Whoever accepts that Allah will give, Allah will most likely give it to him, and whoever questions, he will be pained.

rizq ka wazifa rizq ke 16 darwaze
The 10th entryway is to express appreciation: 

 However much man offers gratitude, Allah will open the entryway of food.

 * Go into the Eleventh Door House cheerfully: *

 The Prophet (harmony and favors of Allaah arrive) said: Allaah expresses (understanding of the importance):

 * Twelfth entryway is to submit to guardians: *

 Such an individual is never shy of food.

 * Thirteenth entryway is to remain clean consistently: *

 Assuming an individual stays conscious all the time with well meaning goals, his arrangement won't be decreased.

 * The fourteenth entryway is to offer the Chasht petition: *

 This expands the endowments in the arrangement, the request of Chasht draws the arrangement and drives away the sleepiness.

Fifteenth entryway everyday recitation of Surah Al-Waqi'ah: 

This significantly builds the arrangement.

Appealing to the sixteenth entryway of Allah: 

Whoever earnestly asks Allah, Allah will give him a great deal

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