"" Dawateislami Rohani Ilaj app

Dawateislami Rohani Ilaj app


Dawateislami Rohani Ilaj app
Dawateislami Rohani Ilaj app 

Dawateislami Rohani Ilaj app you can take advantage of the spiritual app of Da'wah Islami. There are forty spiritual remedies in it. You can read it in every language. You can read it. You can share it with others.

Dawateislami Rohani Ilaj app wazife 

40 Spiritual Cures got from the Names of ALLAH for your Android gadget.

The I.T. branch of Dawat e Islami, a worldwide non-political development for the spread of the Holy Quran and Sacred Sunnah, has created and introduced another Application named Rohani Ilaj. It is intended for the profound treatment of Muslim Ummah. This application contains 40 profound fixes. It has different qurani wazaif to various issues. Moreover, this application will facilitate your concerns and keep you safeguarded from sicknesses. Furthermore, this application contains gives various wazaif to penniless individuals, for example, otherworldly medicines, Qurani wazaif, profound fixes, wazifa for progress, jadu se hifazat ka wazifa, dua qabool sharpen ka wazifa, wazifa for child kid, bimari se shifa ki dua, wazifa for cash and wazifa for all issues. It is easy to use and has an excellent UI.

Noticeable Features


By having this application, you might peruse the presentation of wazaif. Positively, any infection can be relieved and you may likewise peruse the dua to get a fix from ailment.

Wazaif List
Dawateislami Rohani Ilaj app 

This application contains a different rundown of wazaif and they are completely coordinated in legitimate classes. You might understand them and gain benefits.

40 Rohani ilaj

Clients might peruse 40 Rohani ilaj according to their prerequisites. They will have an answer for their concerns by having them.

Different Languages

Clients might peruse the substance in different dialects. For their comprehension, various dialects have been added.


Clients might share this rohani wazaif application connect on Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other web-based entertainment destinations any place they need.

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