"" loh e qurani: A Source of Hope and Healing in Troubled Times

loh e qurani: A Source of Hope and Healing in Troubled Times

loh e qurani These letters are syllables. And looking at the Holy Qur'an now is a reward, so if we look at it with the intention of reverence, we will be entitled to the reward, God willing. And if someone keeps them with reverence, it is obvious that touching them is not ablution, it is not permissible. If you do an ablution, touch it and hold it, and seeing it is a reward.

loh e qurani
loh e qurani

loh e qurani What does it mean?

What is the meaning of it? Allah knows what it means, let him tell it to his beloved. The meaning of the syllables is not known to everyone, such as Yasin. This is also one of the syllables. It is also one of the syllables.

How to name syllables? lohe qurani

So people named Yasin Taha Aala Hazrat Rehmatullah Alaihi said that Yasin now Yasin is addressed to the government. May God bless him and grant him peace. So it is possible that its meaning is specific to the government and not to anyone else. Its meaning and the meaning of Rasool Yasin, even then others cannot say this meaning of Rasool. An example of a Rasool has been given to others by the Holy Prophet. That is, they cannot speak to anyone, so it means this name, this name, that is, single, only the name Yasin. His name is Ghulam Yasin. It is appropriate to speak. loh e qurani

Loh e qurani benefits 

I am going to tell you a talisman and a process through which you can receive blessings in your homes and this talisman and this process comes in the name of Loh Qurani. It must have been heard. And many people may not even have heard his name. The Qur'anic tablet has been made by combining some words and some letters of the Holy Quran. And it has so many benefits that if a person writes this amulet and reads this amulet only once every day and hangs this amulet on the door of his house or hangs it on the door of his shop. If so, then Allah, the Exalted and the Exalted, always bestows blessings on this house and his shop, and there are many other things that I will tell you when the Qur'anic tablet is written. After writing it, hang it on the door of your house. Or if you have a shop, or a company, a factory, anything. You put it on the door. After placing it, every day when you wake up in the morning, if it is placed on the door of the house, then you are outside the house and look from the outside to the inside, that is, look at this amulet and try to read this amulet. If you want to read, then read. If you can't read it, just watch it. See that there should be a gap of at least one second between each letter. Look in this way and after that if you come to read, then try to read one word correctly if you have installed it in your shop in factory, company etc. whatever you have. Put it in. So when you go to your shop, go to the factory. So first look at this image and read it, then open your shop after reading it, or if you don't know how to read, just look at it, then open your shop, God willing, it is so blessed that when a person reads the Qur'anic tablet or If he only looks at it and hangs it in his house or shop, then the blessings of Allah, the Exalted and Exalted, will descend on his shop and house. Now the Qur'anic Tablet is shown to you here. People who don't know how to read should also listen. People who can read should also listen so that they know how to read. First of all, you have to read Bismillah Rahman Al Raheem. Al-Laam Meem Sa Yasin Kaf Has Ameen In this way you have to read this Qur'anic tablet, then you have already learned the blessings of reading it.

What are lohe qurani?

You must have seen the Qur'anic tablet Ah, which is a collection of syllables in one place. Hamin, Ain, Sin, Qaf, etc. are done in this way. He wrote it down on the Qur'an tablet. So people plant it in houses etc. for blessings. Apply to shops. So what is his virtue and what are his virtues? Look, there are no such virtues of his that passed in front of me, which were transmitted by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). It may be that some sage did it in such a way that after collecting all the aliases, they gave it to a mureed or planted it, and if some blessings appeared from it, then it became common. There are also such things that if someone sees a blessing in his personal observations, then he sees it, then he gives it to people in order to gain benefits, and makes it public like this. Apparently, from my point of view, none of its virtues have passed, but there is no prohibition to apply it, like you apply the verses of the Holy Quran. In the same way, they can also be applied, but politeness and respect must be done

loh e qurani
loh e qurani

Marhaba, we hope from Allah that you will be well and we also pray that you will be happy wherever you are and continue to share happiness. Keep wrapping up the happiness. And we also pray that Allah Almighty protects you from all kinds of calamities and calamities, and from the hypocrisy of the hypocrites.

What we are going to tell you today is about the syllables. And there is a great detail of the syllables and its vocabulary is very large, so some of the scholars said about the syllables that are secrets between Allah and His Messenger, that is, such are theirs today. Until now, no one has been able to explain the meaning of mayonnaise, no commentator or researcher. Maybe someone has done something that has not passed our eyes. But it has been said about them that we are telling you about their virtues, what happens by reading them. Often you may have seen it written outside shops or houses or stage-ups that the person who sees and reads them in the morning, then the difficulties of his day will become easier. And sometimes it is written by a person who sees their meaning. So his problems and worries of the whole day are solved, so in the same way we will tell you that now every time you read the Holy Quran or read any verse, you will be what you will be if you read the translation when you read the letters. There will be hyphens below them, meaning that only the one above will be, for example, Alf Lam Meem, then below it will be written Alf Lam Meem. If so, we will tell you what they are.

So, you should see that whatever meaning is good, also remember that some people call them Qur'anic alphabets, which is very well-known, and if we say these alphabets, you might not understand. Came. And there are some people who only say Quranic tablets, they do not understand that letters are syllables. So one of them to you and after that I will tell you a word about his excellence and what someone told us that he did. This means that what someone told us, they also tell you. So the syllables are like this: Al-Film Al-Lam Mim Sa Al-Al-Lam Distance or Saham Qaf Noon Give charity. These are the letters of the syllables. About one of them, we read that Qahi A.S. It has a great merit to the person to whom someone has work, that is, if you are going to a ruler or to an officer and your work is stuck with him and that work does not come out, then you will do it. Or after reciting these verses, breathe on your forehead and close your hand with your fingers. has said that when we did this, mercy came to his heart. Maybe it will happen somewhere and you will also see it tomorrow. And surely there is a great blessing in the word Allah. If you believe it, belief will be perfect and faith will be. So, of course, what will be like that? which the person did. He said, "It is a great test and I will make you hear the prayer once." That when you go to someone, go to the ruler, someone has your work, that means that person is more powerful than you. And you don't have to compete with him. Can't compete. So you will read it in the same way, A. That is, Qahiya s.a.w. should recite these three words, breathe these five words on the hands and visualize them, and when you go to his office, they are with him through the path that he has. Put your hands towards him in this way, then this person will have mercy in his heart, so we also pray that Allah Almighty will grant that if your actions do not come out trapped, then Allah grant him through him. Ah, may Allah make your work free by the means of the Qur'an, and may Allah make it easy for you, or may Allah make it easy for you. 

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