"" benefits of dates with milk at night

benefits of dates with milk at night

benefits of dates with milk at night Amazing benefits of using dates and milk. If you want to avoid colds in winter, use date milk. Know the amazing benefits of using dates in cold weather 

benefits of dates with milk at night
benefits of dates with milk at night

benefits of dates with milk at night. Cold prescriptions

As the month of December is approaching after November, the cold is increasing day by day, the air is dry and hot during the day while the air is dry and cold at night. And troubled by a cold and a cough.

Experts believe that in winter we need a rich nutritious diet and in such a case, if you include dates in your daily diet, you can stay away from problems like cold, cough and infection.

But not by adding dates plain or in any dish, in cold and dry wax, if dates are cooked in milk or used with milk, its efficacy is further increased.

Nutrients in dates | benefits of dates with milk at night

 Dates contain vitamins like vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5 and A1. The vitamin C present in dates helps to keep our body away from problems like colds, coughs and viral infections. Other beneficial components present in it increase our immunity.

 Amazing benefits of using dates and milk

 In dry and cold weather, daily at bedtime or in the morning, if 2 to 4 dates are boiled in milk and drunk daily, then the body is protected from cold, fever, sore throat, cough or cold. Milk can also be the best solution to get rid of such diseases, as it is rich in fiber along with vitamins.

 Date milk is usually prepared by simply cooking 2 to 4 dates in milk, but if the date milk is made and drunk in the way we have explained, 

How to make date milk 

ingredients required Milk – 2 cups Dates – chopped half cup Almonds – one and a half tablespoon Cinnamon powder – half teaspoon Sugar – to taste • Composition Keep the dates in half a cup of milk for 40 minutes, then put these dates and milk in a blender, add almonds, now blend it, keep it after grinding well, boil the milk in a pan. , after which add the blended date paste to it, now add cinnamon powder and sugar and cook it well for 5 minutes. Now drink it hot, drink the date milk hot for cough and cold. A clear difference will be felt.

Medical benefits and uses of milk

 Milk are an important part of our daily diet as a beverage which is considered very important for a healthy life and strong bones. This drink is considered a complete food as it is rich in various nutrients. These ingredients include protein, calcium, fat, vitamin D, riboflavin, vitamin B12, potassium, phosphorus, and selenium.

Generally goat, cow and buffalo milk is used. This drink strengthens the immune system of the body, which helps to prevent all diseases. The various medical benefits of milk can be effectively achieved when this drink is consumed at the right time and in the right amount.

Medical benefits of milk

  •  Prevent obesity
  •  Bone strength
  •  Excellent source of protein
  •  Skin rejuvenation
  •  Alleviation of constipation and acidity
  •  Reduction in mental stress
  •  Reduction in cancer risks
  •  Optimal heart health

Use of milk and dates Use of milk and turmeric What is the best time to use milk?

benefits of dates with milk at night
benefits of dates with milk at night

Nutritionists generally recommend that milk be consumed in the evening or at night. Drinking milk shortly before going to bed will help you enjoy a restful sleep while consuming it before going to bed also helps in sharpening the memory. Along with this, consuming this drink at night helps to improve the digestive system and accelerate the process of calcium absorption. On the contrary, for children who are less than five years of age, consuming milk in the morning will be the best option. Because by drinking milk in the morning, they will be able to perform school activities well.

Depending on your age, you can get various medical benefits by consuming the right amount of milk at the right time.

The medical benefits of this drink can be as follows.

prevent obesity. One of the main benefits of this drink is that it prevents obesity. According to research, children who are regularly fed milk have a reduced risk of obesity. According to another study, middle-aged women who consumed dairy products also had a reduced risk of weight gain and obesity. This drink contains ingredients that keep you from feeling hungry, which reduces the risk of obesity. Along with this, those who regularly consume milk also get the required amount of calcium, due to which they do not gain weight.

Bone strength Regular consumption of milk makes your bones strong. Calcium, phosphorus, protein, vitamin K, and potassium are found in this drink, which are considered essential for keeping bones strong and healthy. This drink provides the body with all the necessary components that play an important role in strengthening the bones. Also, consumption of milk prevents bone diseases, such as osteoporosis or weakening of bones.

Excellent source of protein 

This drink is an excellent source of protein. Two cups of milk contains 16 grams of protein. Proteins are considered very important for bodily functions such as growth and strengthening of the immune system. Milk contains all the essential 9 amino acids that keep the body healthy. Along with this, the consumption of this drink also reduces the risks of muscle problems due to aging. It is also useful to regain energy after sports or exercise.

Skin rejuvenation 

Cold milk works as an amazing toner for skin rejuvenation. Apply cold milk on the affected skin every day to get rid of dry skin. This will not only get rid of dry skin, but will also brighten the complexion and reduce the appearance of nails, acne, and pimples to a great extent.

Alleviation of constipation and acidity An excess of stomach acid can lead to various problems such as heartburn, heartburn, or constipation. If people suffering from these problems consume a glass of cold milk before going to bed at night, it will make their digestive system work faster, which will help to get rid of various gastrointestinal diseases.

Reduction of mental stress 

Consumption of milk reduces stress and fatigue. Drinking this drink increases serotonin, a chemical that affects appetite and mental activity. Its use increases the amount of serotonin, which reduces mental stress.

Reduction in cancer risks Calcium and vitamin D are found in this drink, which can play an important role in preventing cancer. Calcium reduces the risk of colon cancer, while vitamin D may reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer.

Optimal heart health

 This drink is an excellent source of potassium, which prevents constriction of blood vessels and keeps blood pressure normal, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. The required amount of potassium obtained through milk keeps the heart healthy.

 Along with this, milk can also be consumed with various dry fruits and turmeric which can provide many more benefits.

Use of milk and dates

 Dates contain nutrients like vitamins, minerals, iron, and fiber, so if dates are boiled in milk, various diseases can be avoided. Also, consumption of dates and milk in men can improve sexual health.

Use of milk and turmeric

 Adding turmeric to milk makes this drink have great antioxidant properties that protect against cell damage. Apart from this, the use of this drink and turmeric can prevent various diseases.

 Milk can be used with many other things for different benefits. But the best way to use it is to consume milk under the advice of a nutritionist. If you are having trouble getting in touch with a dietitian, don't worry. Come to the Health Farm platform and contact a nutritionist with ease.

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