"" 3rd kalma in arabic | 3 kalma

3rd kalma in arabic | 3 kalma

3rd kalma in arabic 3 kalma the importance and virtues of reading the third kalma. Today I will tell you in this article what its virtues are. What is the method of reading it? When you can read the third word, I will try to explain to you with an example about the third kalma. Will understand

3rd kalma in arabic | 3 kalma
3rd kalma in arabic | 3 kalma

3rd kalma in arabic 3 kalma third kalma

The wazifa that is being told today is a very short and wonderful wazifa. The third kalma “سبحان اللہ والحمد للہ ولا الہ الا اللہ واللہ اکبر ولا حول ولا قوۃ الا باللہ العلی العظیم” You have to read the third kalma as much as you can and put it on yourself, God willing, your pocket will never be empty.  Allah will provide sustenance from the unseen.

3rd kalma Process read at night

  In the process of night, everyone will read the third word 51 times.

 Note.  You can do this process till 12 o'clock tonight.

 Note.  Those people who face frequent diseases, feel fear at night or have bad dreams at night or those people who are attacked by some magic jinn, all those people can also do this.

 Note.  Those who want to know who is against them and who has done magic or amulets, then you will be able to see their appearance.

 Note.  Those people who have more spiritual power will be able to see that everything that affects their life has been imposed on them through magic or by means of taweez.

 Note.  Those people who have frequent thoughts of evil or those who fall victim to impurity while sleeping at night, then all those people can also do this act.

 Note.  The conditions after completing their process will be included in today's big prayer.

 After reading the word Shahadat 11 times, they will sign it with their name.


3rd kalma with urdu translation 3rd kalma in arabic 

3rd kalma in arabic | 3 kalma
3rd kalma in arabic | 3 kalma

The third word is of great virtue.

 🔹 It is a combination of 5 scholarships.

 Glory be to Allah

 🍃 Alhamdulillah

 🍃 Allah is great

 (Also called Tasbih-e-Fatima)

 🍃 Kalma Tayyaba

 🍃 Lahool Sharif

  is based on

• By reciting it once, a tree is planted in heaven.

• It is a panic-time weapon.

 •On the Day of Resurrection, this word will •protect those who read it from evil and temptation.

• The reward of reading this is more than •the mountain of Uhud.

• By reading it, angels seek forgiveness for the reciter.

• By reading it, sincerity is created.

• Reading brings goodness

• This will give the shadow of the throne

 By reading the third kalma

• The earth is filled with goodness

• Sadness and shame will be gone

• Problems over

• Pain away

• Provision is spacious 

• Get health 

• Outages are over

• Magic, domestic problems, children's 

• problems and worries are over.

Read the third word and breathe it yourself, then see its perfection with your own eyes.

Today's wazifa, which will be told to you, is very short. You have to read the third word and finish it by yourself. God willing, your pocket will never be empty. Halal sustenance will give you, business will increase so much that your pocket money will be full.

The third word condition is that you have to do it in a state of ablution, if you cannot do this wazifa in a state of impurity. You have to perform ablution twice in the morning and in the evening. First and last, you have to read Durood Sharif three times. Do this short morning and evening. Within a few days, you will see its effects that Allah will bestow special grace on you. Troubles and troubles will be removed, sustenance and business will increase greatly. There will be prosperity, peace, tranquility and peace of mind in the house. Peaceful sleep will come and your life will be prosperous

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