"" online istikhara whatsapp

online istikhara whatsapp


online istikhara whatsapp
online istikhara whatsapp

online istikhara whatsapp dawateislami

online istikhara whatsapp dawateislami Now your Istikhara is possible through WhatsApp. You can do your Istikhara by sending a voice message. Very easily, now you can do Istikhara by yourself. Very easily, through Dawat-e-Islami, I have come out, which will now be Istikhara online from every country through WhatsApp.

Some information about online istikhara

We have a problem with what we are doing. We have to travel somewhere, so we have to know if this journey will be better for me. 

Or if I want to get married, we can also use whether this groom or groom will be better for me or not.

If you are looking for an online course to help you improve your istkhara practices, then look no further than Wattsap. Wattsap has been providing online istkhara training since 2006, and their courses are designed to help you learn the basics of istkhara meditation, as well as deepening your practice.

Wattsap offers a variety of courses, starting with the basics and moving on to more advanced topics. You can find courses on istkhara meditation, working with the breath, and using istikhara for spiritual development.

Online istkhara whatsapp Language 

online istikhara whatsapp
online istikhara whatsapp

There is no charge to take any of Wattsap’s courses, and their training is available in both English and urdu. You can also join their community, where you can ask questions and share your experiences with istikhara meditation.

whattsap contact no down 

Now this is that online istikhara whatsapp number I submit to you below, you can do istikhara by voice message through online whatsapp and you can also do istikhara through online net.  The link will be given below. Further, you can solve your problem by asking information and questions through online Istikhara WhatsApp

whattsap contact no: 

+92 316 8062626


 Do not send videos, images to this service.

 Contact only islamic sisters for intelligence on the wats app.

 Do not call calls on this number only send text.

 After making a message, wait for the reply.


 Under dawat-e-islami, whatsapp is not used in any other number or group except this number.

 Spiritual treatment (dawat-e-islami)

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