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1. Pulse: 120/80

 2. 2. Beat: 70 - 100

 3. 3. Temperature: 36.8 - 37

 4. 4. Breath: 12-16

 5. 5. Hemoglobin: Male (13.50-18)

 6. Ladies (11.50 - 16)

 7. 6. Cholesterol: 130 - 200

 8. 7. Potassium: 3.50 - 5

 9. 8. Sodium: 135 - 145

 10. 9. Fatty oils: 220

 11. 10. Measure of blood in the body:

 12. PCV 30-40%

 13. 11. Sugar: For kids (70-130)

 14. Grown-ups: 70 - 115

 15. 12. Iron: 8-15 mg

 16. 13. White platelets: 4000 - 11000

 17. 14. Platelets: 150,000 - 400,000

 18. 15. Red-platelets: 4.50-6 million.

 19. 16. Calcium: 8.6 - 10.3 mg/dL

 20. 17. Nutrient D3: 20 - 50 ng/ml (nanograms per ml)

 21. 18. Vitamin B12: 200 - 900 pg/ml

    *Ideas for the individuals who have overreached:*

    * *40 years*


     * *60*

   *First Tip: health information

   * Continuously hydrate regardless of whether you feel parched or need it... The greater part of the significant medical conditions and the vast majority of them are because of absence of water in the body. 2 liters least each day (24 hours)


*Second Tip: health information

  * Play sports in any event, when you are at the pinnacle of your hecticness... The body ought to be moving, regardless of whether it's simply strolling... or then again swimming... or then again any sort of sports. 🚶 Good to begin strolling... 👌


*Third Tip:health information

   * Eat less...

   Relinquish the-desire to indulge... since it never-brings great. Try not to deny yourself, yet diminish the sum. Consume more protein, carbs based diet.


*Fourth Tip: health information

   * However much as could be expected, don't utilize the vehicle except if totally important... attempt to stand up to get what you need (staple, meeting someone...) or for some reason. Guarantee the steps as opposed to utilizing lifts, elevators.


*Fifth Tip: health information

health information
health information

 * Relinquish outrage...

  * Relinquish outrage...

  * Stop worrying....Try to overlook things...

  Try not to include yourself in upsetting circumstances ... every one of these lessen wellbeing and remove the essentialness of the spirit. Pick a caretaker you feel OK with. Converse with individuals who are-positive and tune in


*6th tip: health information

  * As the platitude goes.. Leave your cash in the sun.. furthermore, sit in the shade.. Try not to restrict yourself and everyone around you.. Cash was made to live by it, not really for it. to live.


*Seventh Tip: health information

  * Try not to make yourself hopeless for anybody, nor for something you can't get,

  * Nor anything that you can't possess.

  * disregard it, fail to remember it;


*Eighth Tip: health information

  * Lowliness.. then, at that point, lowliness.. for cash, glory, power and impact... these are everything that are tainted by haughtiness and arrogance..

  * Modesty attracts individuals to you with affection. ☺


*nain tip: health information

  * On the off chance that your hair becomes dark, it doesn't spell almost certain doom for life. This is evidence that a superior life-has started. 🙋 Be hopeful, live with recollections, travel, have a good time


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