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sar dard ka ilaj


sar dard ka ilaj

sar dard ka ilaj: Here are some great treatments and methods for headaches. Read for yourself in this article

sar dard ka ilaj: iqsam gharelu aur rohani ilaj

Headache: Types, Home and Spiritual Remedies 

 There are many types of headaches.

 (1) Migraines are also called migraines. It is very severe and even affects the whole body.  The pain starts in the eyes and extends to the back of the head and often starts at the age of 18, 19 and lasts till the age of about 40.  It is more common in women than in men.  Sometimes children get it too.  Excessive anger, traveling outdoors, and eating junk food all add up.  Similarly, in places where there is bright light or more noise, it increases, while in dark and quiet places, it decreases.  This pain is also caused by not getting enough sleep and staying up late.


 (2) Headaches are common in people who use computers, video games, and the like.

 (3) The pain in the form of clusters is called cluster headache in English, this pain near the eye on one side of the head is very severe, sometimes the redness of the eye and the eye and nose.  Water also flows.

 Medically, one of the causes of headaches is an increase in blood pressure due to the opening of the internal veins of the brain.  There are several stimuli for nerve opening.

* Four home remedies for headaches

*  (1) When there is pain in the head, by dipping the dried ginger in a little water and rubbing the rubbed part of the ginger on the forehead, insha'Allah, the headache will go away.

 (2) A few grains of dried coriander and a little raisin soaked in cold or plain water for a few hours will benefit in the hope of Allah (in headache).

 (3) Drinking coconut water reduces headaches by half and whole.


  *   (4) Take a tablespoon of sugar and two large cardamom seeds and put them in your mouth.  Chew them and keep sucking and drinking the juice, God willing, the headache will go away.

 Note: Use each treatment with the advice of your doctor.

 * Three spiritual cures for headaches

 *  (1) If a person has a headache of half a headache, then recite Surah Al-Ikhlas (first and last once Durood Sharif) and breathe, three (3) times, seven (7) times or eleven (11) times as required.  Breathe  Before the number 11 is completed, half of the headache will be cured, God willing.

 (2) Recite Surah An-Nas seven (7) times (first and last once Durood Sharif) and breathe on the head, and ask, if there is still pain, breathe in the same way a second time.  If you still have pain, breathe a third time in the same way.  Whether it is a headache of the whole head or a severe pain of half of the head, it will go away in three (3) times, God willing.


  *  (3) لَا يُصَدَّعُونَ عَنْهَا وَلَا يُنْزِفُونَ (2) (Translation:

  *   * (P27, Event: 19) *

 * Recite this verse three times (first and last once Durood Sharif) and breathe on the one who is in pain.  God willing, it will be useful.

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