"" Disadvantages of masturbation:

Disadvantages of masturbation:


Disadvantages of masturbation:
Disadvantages of masturbation:

Disadvantages of masturbation:There are many disadvantages of masturbation but I would like to make a few suggestions here. You can read the whole post and you will get a lot of information about the disadvantages of religion and the world.

Disadvantages of masturbation:

 1. Lives cheap, doesn't like any work, likes to lie down all the time and use mobile

 2.  You can't even eat food properly. You have to use mobile

 3.  Blood does not form in the body, your complexion becomes dull

 4.  Man becomes a structure, becomes weak

 5.  The shape becomes very dirty and scars form on the face

 6.  You are scared all the time and have no interest in life

 7.  You can't compete with anyone in any exercise.

 8.  You are always unclean. You don't even like to take a bath. You just have wrong thoughts all the time

 9  Your penis does not stay straight and the masculine cells slowly disappear

 10  You become a living corpse, you are just living

 11. You feel embarrassed when you talk to someone. You can't talk eye to eye

 12  With this filthy disease you think so with every woman in your mind do wrong with her and you go so far as to think badly of the women of the house too.

 13  I don't feel like reading. You can't remember old things. Your brain becomes weak

 14.  You look sick all the time. You can't lift anything heavy

 15  Anger comes to you a lot. Everything happens in a hurry. Depression happens. You get angry immediately.

 16. Stay away from positive activities

 17.  Sinking into the eyes

 18.  Self-confidence is lost

 19  Man hates life

 20  Stomach upset You are not interested in eating all the wrong things and eating good things.

 21. Such a person cannot even eat or drink in front of anyone out of shame.

 22. This is only the torment of this world. For this, the never ending torment of the Hereafter.


musht zani ke nuqsan

Now is the time to repent of this deed, otherwise there will be nothing left but beating one's head, only remorse will remain.

 And apologize before death and consider every day of your day as your last moment. Death does not come by telling anyone, it is just a breath away.  It will begin. That day will come, everything will come to light and that day will be the day of resurrection.

 Then the people of Paradise will be happy and will say that they will always be in Paradise ...

 And the hellfire will scream and shout that now we will have to live in the fire forever.

 * May Allah help us all to walk on the right path and may we all end up in faith *

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