"" Transform Your Life with Hazrat Moosa Ki Dua

Transform Your Life with Hazrat Moosa Ki Dua

hazrat moosa ki dua This is the best dua that Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him) said, follow it, God willing, many of your problems can be solved, recite this dua, it solves the biggest problems. If you pray after reading this supplication, your application will surely be accepted.

hazrat moosa ki dua Effects of

When Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him) had to leave his homeland and he migrated to Madiyan, he had no place to stay, no money in his pocket, and no family to support him.

He reached Madiyan, did 2 things, performed a good deed and asked for a dua, stood worried and watered the goats of veiled girls and sent them home, then asked Allah the Almighty:

hazrat moosa ki dua
hazrat moosa ki dua

(My Lord sent down to me the good and the poor)

O Lord who nurtures me! I am in need of whatever good is bestowed upon me."

A good deed and a supplication had the effect that before the sun set on that day, Allah Ta'ala gave them the residence was also given, the expenses and the job were also arranged and the wife was also given!

Lesson: Do not despair of Allah's mercy, do good deeds and pray! The flow of life will change

hazrat moosa ki dua and Events

During the time of Hazrat Musa, peace be upon him, there was a person who was never steadfast in his repentance. When he repents, he commits sins again until he spends 20 years in the same state.

Allah Almighty revealed to Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him) that say to this servant of mine, I am very angry with you...

When Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him) gave the message of Allah to this man, he was very sad and left for the forests. And after going there, this sinful person made such a beautiful dua that 

Oh Lord Dhul-Jalal.

O Allah, Your mercy is great, O Allah, forgive my sins O Allah, the treasures of Your forgiveness are innumerable  I am stingy. O Allah, Your mercy is great If you deprive your servants of your mercy, to whose door will they go?

If you scold them, where will they go?

O Lord of power and wrath, if we do not receive your forgiveness, where will we go and O Allah, enter me into Jannah

Allah Almighty said to Musa (peace be upon him), Go and tell my servant that you have understood the reality of my perfect power and forgiveness. Even if the earth is filled with your sins, I will forgive you.

hazrat moosa ki dua
hazrat moosa ki dua

(Mukashifa-ul-Qalub, page 170, 171 The author, Hazrat Imam Ghazali, may God bless him and grant him peace)

How will the prayer be accepted

During the time of Moses, peace be upon him, someone said to Moses, O Moses!

If you talk to Allah, why is my prayer not accepted?

Moses (peace be upon him) will go to Allah, said O Musa! I know why it has come, but tell me So Musa said, O Lord, so and so said this

Allah said: O Musa, go and speak to him, your language is not pure.

 Musa (peace be upon him) came to him and said: Allah says this


 So he said, O Prophet of Allah

 I didn't break fasting, I didn't do wrong things, I didn't kill anyone's right, I did prayers, I also performed tahajjud, still what is the reason my language is not pure

 When Moses (peace be upon him) came to Allah

 Allah said, O Moses, that person does everything for himself, he does not ask for anyone.

 When he asks for something, I will give him so much that he will not even think about it.

 Therefore, if you ask for others, then the Lord is pleased to give so much that we do not have time.  Jazak Allah

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hazrat moosa ki dua