"" led monitor price in pakistan

led monitor price in pakistan


led monitor: price in pakistan
led monitor: price in pakistan

led monitor price in pakistan

Staff 24" Professional Thin 75Hz 1080p LED Monitor 2x HDMI VGA Build-in Speakers, Machine Black (E248W-19203R Series)

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List Price: $129.97

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Style: 24" 75Hz

24" 75Hz

24" 75Hz Blue Light Shift

Screen Size 24 Inches

Show Resolution Maximum 1920 x 1080 Pixels

Brand Sceptre 

led monitor:Extraordinary Feature Blue Light Filter, Tilt Adjustment, Flicker-Free, Built-In Speakers

Revive Rate 60 Hz

About this thing

24" Ultra thin profile

Contemporary smooth metallic plan

Thin bezel with meager skeleton. 

Power Consumption (Typical)- 25.4W. Neck/Stand Detachable: Yes

Differentiation and near things

Note: Products with electrical connections are planned for use in the US. Outlets and voltage contrast generally and this thing could require a connector or converter for use in your objective. Thoughtfully look at similarity going before buying.led monitor

so I welcome you to the review of ultra slim hd led 24f display by hp

today we are going to talk about this beast

I will discuss about it's specifications, dimensions, performance and it's price

first, let's talk about it's look and dimensions

diagonally, it's dimensions from edge to edge are measured at 23.8 inches

the reason why it's called ultra slim,

is because of it's thinness which doesn't make you feel something huge is placed in front of you

it's so slim, if I give you a closer look, you can see it's thinness for yourselves

and it looks awesome on your desk setup

adding to that, it's weight is only measure at 2.8 kgs

which might seem to be heavy to some people but for me it has been very comfortable

very easy to carry and shift

in fact, I myself have plans to set it up on my wall behind on a stand or mount

also it's silver color with a matching stand gives a premium feeling

just look at it's design, it looks so beautiful

on instagram stories and dms people have been asking if I were using an iMac as they couldn't see HP logo

but yes it is not iMac, it's an editing LED by HP

that was all for dimensions

now we will talk about it's display type

it's an IPS display with LED back light and is anti-glare

which means if it's placed against a strong light, it will minimize flaring or reflections

this feature will allow the led to absorb the light, make it dull and dim

your eyes will not hurt while working against strong light, I have implemented it

adding to that, it's has 16:9 aspect ratio

which means this does not support 4k

this supports up to 16.7 million colors

which enables the led to show each and every color possible to enhance your editing and gaming

make colors properly visible led screan

this will minimize your frustration regarding unmatching of colors on different screens including smartphones

the support of 16.7 million colors will help you exactly in this matte

now I might not have studied it's color calibration in extreme depth

but according to my use and experience, the color accuracy is on point

brightness is measure at 300 nits

keeping in view the editing, it's perfect

still the user can adjust brightness, contrast by using the buttons below

talking about inputs, it supports 2 slots, one HDMI and one VGA, the third is power source

now let's talk about that one feature which I was asked the most about

that is "response time"

you might have guessed it, no?

let me tell you, it's 5 ms!

5 ms grey to grey response time, which is incredible!

shifting of colors from B&W to colorful, orange to red, blue to green, it's amazing

considering the price, if i talk about it's features

it has 5 ms response time, it's full hd, it's ultra slim, it's anti glare and lastly it can be tilted

as i said, in this price range, I was unable to find a better led than this in the market

obviously if you increase your budget, you might find better options

but for me, in this price, this is the best led you can buy

I hope you liked my review led monitor 

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led monitor:If you want me to make a review of my studio gear, let me know in the comments below

so that it gets easier for you to buy your studio gear

let's meet in the next video then, I'll see you very soon, bubye!

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led monitor: price in pakistan