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burning in stomach


burning in stomach

burning in stomach: Helpful tips to get rid of stomach heat

burning in stomach: Indigestion, stomach bloating or other problems are common to everyone and are usually the result of stomach heat, which can be caused by spicy food, smoking or alcohol, late-night mouth watering habits, etc.  .

 Stomach heat or excess temperature is a result of an overactive digestive system and must be controlled or complex health problems can occur.

 Well, there is no clear cause for this problem, but certain things can definitely increase the risk of it, such as spicy foods, overeating, Habit of running mouth late at night, i.e. habit of eating more food, taking more painkillers, and lazy lifestyle and ulcers etc.

 The good thing is that it is possible to treat it at home with some foods, i.e. stomach heat can be reduced, but if the problem persists, a doctor should be consulted.

 Here you will learn about the foods that can help reduce stomach heat.burning in stomach



  *Yogurt is a food that helps increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in the stomach, which helps in the elimination of heat from the stomach, while also improving the digestive system and other functions.


  *cold milk*


  *Cold milk also lowers stomach temperature while helping to reduce stomach acidity, its soothing properties relieve stomach heat discomfort.  Drinking a glass of cold milk can be beneficial to get rid of this problem.

*boiled rice*


  * Stomach heat usually does not cause any symptoms except for discomfort. In this case, boiled white rice can also cool the stomach and increase the amount of water. Eating plain rice with yogurt will intensify this effect.  Is.



burning in stomach

Using mint can also help in removing stomach heat, due to its cooling effect it will be very beneficial in stomach heat.  A cup of mint water or tea is enough to reduce excess acidity levels in the stomach as well.

  *Foods with high water content*

  * Eat apples, peaches, watermelons and cucumbers etc. while staying away from sour foods which can increase stomach heat by increasing acidity.burning in stomach


  *more water*


  *Drinking large amounts of water can immediately reduce stomach heat, water also helps flush out the toxic effects of excess heat while keeping the digestive system healthy.


  *Coconut Water*


  *Coconut water helps in normalizing the acidity level in the stomach which also cools the lining of the stomach and reduces heat loss while its use during pregnancy also helps to relieve heartburn.  Proves.


  *Apple Cider Vinegar*


  *Mix 2 to 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of honey in a glass of water and drink this mixture.  Drink this drink during stomach irritation, if there is no relief, drink another glass after a few hours.


  *lemon juice*


burning in stomach

  *If you suffer from heartburn often, mix a tablespoon of lemon juice in a glass of warm water and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.  Lemon juice significantly reduces heartburn while balancing stomach acidity.

*Aloe Vera Gel*


  * Aloe vera gel has laxative properties that not only increases the water content in the intestines but also facilitates the movement of waste. Drink half a cup of aloe vera gel before meals to control stomach irritation. Drink it as needed for heartburn or acidity.


  *green tea*


  * Steep a green tea bag in a cup of warm water for a few minutes and then take it out and drink it. One or two cups of green tea a day is enough to keep stomach irritation away. Astringent properties reduce the feeling of irritation in the esophagus.




  * In case of stomach irritation, eat any of the fruits listed above which will provide immediate relief.


 burning in stomach: Take three pieces of ginger and two cups of water, cut more pieces of ginger and soak in water for half an hour, after that filter it and drink it after mixing a little honey for taste.




  *Almonds balance the acids in the stomach due to the presence of calcium in them, which helps to relieve and prevent heartburn in the chest or stomach, for this, eat five to six almonds immediately after meals. Make it a habit.

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